Oy Baltic Divers Ltd (business ID 0933538-4) was founded in 4.1.1993 and is the leading commercial diving company in Finland with over 25 years of operating. Company’s CEO and diver Jukka Teleni has over 35 years of experience in commercial diving.

Company uses handbook that has been composed using the national SFS-ISO 9003 standard. It focuses on the high quality of the finished product and work. Diving work is performed under the guide lines of RIL 236-2006.

Personnel and training

Oy Baltic divers Ltd invests in diver and surface crew training. Every diver has graduated European Diving Technology Committee (EDTC) standard degree and also vocational examination in commercial diving.

Our divers have performed classes under European standard EN ISO 15618-1 such as welding competence and blaster training. They also have degrees in quarrying, seafaring and many other degrees associated with commercial diving.

All of our personnel have training in work safety, fire safety, road traffic safety and first aid.


Our equipment consists of:

  • 8 units of AH3 free flow diving equipment
  • 4 Diving unit trucks, 2 of these are equipped with a winch crane
  • 2 Vans
  • Shipping container module equipped with heave diving equipment
  • Diving module that can be integrated to a van
  • Multiple scuba diving units
  • Large variety of other underwater equipment

In the recent years the company has invested heavily on underwater hydraulic tools.

All of our heavy diving units include continuous surface-supplied breathing air system with backup breathing gas and a bailout gas supply. Built in communication system with underwater lights, cameras with video feed and first aid equipment with oxygen masks. We also have variety of other underwater recording systems. All of our divers use dive computer when performing underwater work.

Call Duty

We are on call 24 hours a day and standby according to contract.